My Max MSP patch

This is a spliced screenshot of the top level patch in a functioning state. i can neaten a few things up that are just in there for calibration and experimentation, but there is nothing to be added to this. (click to full view it) Boy am I glad that this works!

Finding the resolution balance

With most types of video I have worked with, the best possible input is that at the highest resolution. With motion tracking though I’ve found, through practice, that highest res does not give the best results. Taking a live feed from Atrium A in Portland Square at 3 different resolutions, but the same motion settings, … Continue reading

The Equipment

I’ve got my patch completed on Windows now, and have been practising and getting used to 2 tracks I’ve created – I haven’t practised it with the 8 speakers yet but the movement is intuitive visually as well. The equipment I intend to use will be… My laptop, Max/Msp, M-Audio Firewire 410, 4 pairs of standard speakers from … Continue reading

My Instrument – André Michelle’s Tone Matrix

I’ve been playing around with André Michelle’s ToneMatrix Flash application and have recorded a few tracks into Audacity. The reason I’ve chosen the ToneMatrix is because it is very simple to use. The app is a sequencer that moves from left to right of a grid, activating whichever squares/notes are selected at the time. It … Continue reading

Preparing the performance

For the performance coming up I want to be able to demonstrate a possible musical application of my “Wacom Flow” system, and I’ll be making a track or two that I feel will really work with it. I want to create something that the system helps create a natural progression from the original sound. In … Continue reading

What has 8 Channels and neater visualisation?

… My Sound App! Get it? It’s funny right. Oh, it also works in Windows now which is nice. I’ve got it working with 8 individual channels now, which will cover a 4X2 grid rather than a 2X2X2 cube. For the sake of being able to test it at home I’ve also made a simple … Continue reading

Calvin Harris – Humanthesizer

A recent highly publicised example of Max/MSP, Ableton Live and Arduinos being combined was Calvin Harris’ Humanthesizer, shown below. The “Humanthesizer” works with a conductive ink designed by some Royal College of Art students called “Bare”. People from Sony Music Entertainment created the system which involves Arduino‘s which convert analogue signal (from the ink-human circuitry) … Continue reading

Ujino and the Rotators

Whilst in London last year I had the pleasure of seeing an exhibition and then a live performance by this fantastic Japanese artist/musician called Ujino Munetero. I took videos of his exhibitions in the Hayward Gallery and short clips of him performing live in the gallery next to it. Ujino creates installations and performs live … Continue reading

IDAT305 First impressions

IDAT305 (Sound Practice): This module scares me quite a lot. Over the last year and a bit I’ve been passively building up this seemingly quite complex idea for a project that requires working with sound quite a lot. The trouble is that I am not from any musical background. I have no musical ability and … Continue reading