Report – Done

My report is finished and available on Issuu and also zipped with the video and a readme on Rapidshare. Issuu: Rapidshare: Final Video on Youtube:


After numerous setbacks with rendering, here is my final video. Generally I’m quite pleased with it. The end structure is more interesting than the current layout of Pin Lane. It seems as though a fork has formed in the centre, with the Barbican end opening up more and the top half of the lane bending … Continue reading

Pushing it a bit

I’ve been struggling with my computer for the last few days trying to get the video to render properly. One slight change from my settings ended up reducing the render time from 26 hours to… 38 minutes. It is ridiculous what one codec change can do. I really should have done my film rendering earlier … Continue reading

The Rules!

To get a partially automated renegotiation of Pin Lane I have to set up manual algorithms for myself to follow when I manually animate the 3D. If I were to just move things about roughly by eye, it takes control of the space away from the people who have been through Pin Lane. After collecting … Continue reading

Some Samples

Some samples of the video and my work on the 3D effects The 8X video of people walking/driving through Pin Lane one day. A 2 second play seeing how the colour changes render. I’d never keyframed material fades before so wanted to see how it would work. A more thorough play with colour change and … Continue reading

More Pin Lane Impressions

I’ve spent quite a lot of time people-watching in Pin Lane now. People really try to spend as little time as possible there. I think that’s down to a number of reasons: People don’t spend time in places where they don’t have an agenda. Pin Lane is narrow and offers nothing for people to do … Continue reading

Render Tests

Relearning Cinema 4D It’s been a long time since I’ve touched a 3D program, let alone tried to create realistic situations. In my second year I tried, with reasonable success, to put 3D animated text moving through a space. I achieved a relatively good amount of realism in the lighting and shadows of the text … Continue reading

Picking a site in Stonehouse

For IDAT306 our first assignment was to go to Stonehouse and search out a site to potentially build a project around. I’ve sort of jumped the gun in my ideas and I’ve had a few of them before going to Stonehouse so I knew what I was looking for. I want to develop and build … Continue reading

Ujino and the Rotators

Whilst in London last year I had the pleasure of seeing an exhibition and then a live performance by this fantastic Japanese artist/musician called Ujino Munetero. I took videos of his exhibitions in the Hayward Gallery and short clips of him performing live in the gallery next to it. Ujino creates installations and performs live … Continue reading

IDAT306 First impressions

IDAT306 (Production of Space): I’m not sure what to expect from this module yet, as I’ve only had one lecture. I chose to take it because I think it will be able to tie quite nicely into what I hope my final project will be. Shaun is from an architectural background and I want to … Continue reading