Testing in Portland Square

I finally figured out how to turn the Intelix Mixer on and get sound output. With all my fancy Max MSP work my main stumbling block so far has been finding the on switch on the speaker system…. PATHETIC! Here are two tester videos. I was unexpectedly joined by two people who heard it from … Continue reading

My Max MSP patch

This is a spliced screenshot of the top level patch in a functioning state. i can neaten a few things up that are just in there for calibration and experimentation, but there is nothing to be added to this. (click to full view it) Boy am I glad that this works!

Finding the resolution balance

With most types of video I have worked with, the best possible input is that at the highest resolution. With motion tracking though I’ve found, through practice, that highest res does not give the best results. Taking a live feed from Atrium A in Portland Square at 3 different resolutions, but the same motion settings, … Continue reading

Motion tracking – Atrium A

Since posting my experiment with the webcam I’ve managed to get the camera in Atrium A cleaned so I can get good readings off of it. I’ve tweaked my patch slightly and found some good settings for that particular room. I did this by recording footage of myself walking around, and then running motion tracking … Continue reading

Motion Tracking – experiment

I’ve got myself quite settled with the sound-distribution side of my patch and have been trying to figure out the motion tracking aspect now. A quick mishmash of cv.jit objects in Max MSP with my webcam has got me quite excited. I’ve really been dreading motion tracking, but there are some brilliant resources for Max … Continue reading

Report – Done

My report is finished and available on Issuu and also zipped with the video and a readme on Rapidshare. Issuu: http://issuu.com/orrinward/docs/orrin_idat306 Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/378301045/orrin_ward_IDAT306_10062098.zip Final Video on Youtube:


After numerous setbacks with rendering, here is my final video. Generally I’m quite pleased with it. The end structure is more interesting than the current layout of Pin Lane. It seems as though a fork has formed in the centre, with the Barbican end opening up more and the top half of the lane bending … Continue reading

More Pin Lane Impressions

I’ve spent quite a lot of time people-watching in Pin Lane now. People really try to spend as little time as possible there. I think that’s down to a number of reasons: People don’t spend time in places where they don’t have an agenda. Pin Lane is narrow and offers nothing for people to do … Continue reading

Dissertation Proposal

Area of Interest Over the last few years I have become quite interested in the ways that people behave within a large social environment such as large nightclubs. I’m interested in the way a user interacts with their environment and the reasons for their actions, such as being in a room for their preference of … Continue reading

IDAT306 First impressions

IDAT306 (Production of Space): I’m not sure what to expect from this module yet, as I’ve only had one lecture. I chose to take it because I think it will be able to tie quite nicely into what I hope my final project will be. Shaun is from an architectural background and I want to … Continue reading