Game Plan!

Games games games I’ve now settled on an idea for the games module and I’ve partnered up with Andi Hosgood and possibly Justin Bartlett as well. Andi and I haven’t worked together before but we seem a good match with very different skills. I’ve not worked with Justin either but I like to mix things … Continue reading

Flash multi touch SDK!!!

I’m jumping the gun a bit here as I’ve not blogged about my multi-touch ideas for IDAT305 and my Final Project. I’ve been getting more and more worried about being able to develop for multi-touch as I haven’t found any SDK’s that are designed for an in-built multi-touch such as my laptop – a HP … Continue reading

IDAT310 First impressions

IDAT310 (Design for Entertainment Systems): Design for Entertainment Systems, better known as “The Gaming Module” is a module that, for various reasons which I will pick at, I didn’t initially chose to take. It is known to be an all-consuming module that can rival the level of workload that goes into the Final Project despite … Continue reading