The Equipment

I’ve got my patch completed on Windows now, and have been practising and getting used to 2 tracks I’ve created – I haven’t practised it with the 8 speakers yet but the movement is intuitive visually as well. The equipment I intend to use will be… My laptop, Max/Msp, M-Audio Firewire 410, 4 pairs of standard speakers from … Continue reading

My Instrument – André Michelle’s Tone Matrix

I’ve been playing around with André Michelle’s ToneMatrix Flash application and have recorded a few tracks into Audacity. The reason I’ve chosen the ToneMatrix is because it is very simple to use. The app is a sequencer that moves from left to right of a grid, activating whichever squares/notes are selected at the time. It … Continue reading

Preparing the performance

For the performance coming up I want to be able to demonstrate a possible musical application of my “Wacom Flow” system, and I’ll be making a track or two that I feel will really work with it. I want to create something that the system helps create a natural progression from the original sound. In … Continue reading

What has 8 Channels and neater visualisation?

… My Sound App! Get it? It’s funny right. Oh, it also works in Windows now which is nice. I’ve got it working with 8 individual channels now, which will cover a 4X2 grid rather than a 2X2X2 cube. For the sake of being able to test it at home I’ve also made a simple … Continue reading

Flash multi touch SDK!!!

I’m jumping the gun a bit here as I’ve not blogged about my multi-touch ideas for IDAT305 and my Final Project. I’ve been getting more and more worried about being able to develop for multi-touch as I haven’t found any SDK’s that are designed for an in-built multi-touch such as my laptop – a HP … Continue reading

Calvin Harris – Humanthesizer

A recent highly publicised example of Max/MSP, Ableton Live and Arduinos being combined was Calvin Harris’ Humanthesizer, shown below. The “Humanthesizer” works with a conductive ink designed by some Royal College of Art students called “Bare”. People from Sony Music Entertainment created the system which involves Arduino‘s which convert analogue signal (from the ink-human circuitry) … Continue reading

Ujino and the Rotators

Whilst in London last year I had the pleasure of seeing an exhibition and then a live performance by this fantastic Japanese artist/musician called Ujino Munetero. I took videos of his exhibitions in the Hayward Gallery and short clips of him performing live in the gallery next to it. Ujino creates installations and performs live … Continue reading

IDAT305 First impressions

IDAT305 (Sound Practice): This module scares me quite a lot. Over the last year and a bit I’ve been passively building up this seemingly quite complex idea for a project that requires working with sound quite a lot. The trouble is that I am not from any musical background. I have no musical ability and … Continue reading