Some Samples

Some samples of the video and my work on the 3D effects The 8X video of people walking/driving through Pin Lane one day. A 2 second play seeing how the colour changes render. I’d never keyframed material fades before so wanted to see how it would work. A more thorough play with colour change and … Continue reading

The Equipment

I’ve got my patch completed on Windows now, and have been practising and getting used to 2 tracks I’ve created – I haven’t practised it with the 8 speakers yet but the movement is intuitive visually as well. The equipment I intend to use will be… My laptop, Max/Msp, M-Audio Firewire 410, 4 pairs of standard speakers from … Continue reading

My Instrument – André Michelle’s Tone Matrix

I’ve been playing around with André Michelle’s ToneMatrix Flash application and have recorded a few tracks into Audacity. The reason I’ve chosen the ToneMatrix is because it is very simple to use. The app is a sequencer that moves from left to right of a grid, activating whichever squares/notes are selected at the time. It … Continue reading

Portland Square it is.

Since my change of direction I’ve also decided on a location for my project. Portland Square offers 3 large atria with a good level of footfall and activity in each of them. It also conveniently has a rather amazing network of at least 36 speakers to play around with. There are 4 speakers per level … Continue reading

Preparing the performance

For the performance coming up I want to be able to demonstrate a possible musical application of my “Wacom Flow” system, and I’ll be making a track or two that I feel will really work with it. I want to create something that the system helps create a natural progression from the original sound. In … Continue reading

Change of direction

Since my last post (50 words) I have been running with ideas in my head and have changed what I want to do. It’s not a complete rehaul but a few adjustments. My old idea was to build a system that allows one user to control sounds within a space with the intent of influencing … Continue reading

What has 8 Channels and neater visualisation?

… My Sound App! Get it? It’s funny right. Oh, it also works in Windows now which is nice. I’ve got it working with 8 individual channels now, which will cover a 4X2 grid rather than a 2X2X2 cube. For the sake of being able to test it at home I’ve also made a simple … Continue reading

More Pin Lane Impressions

I’ve spent quite a lot of time people-watching in Pin Lane now. People really try to spend as little time as possible there. I think that’s down to a number of reasons: People don’t spend time in places where they don’t have an agenda. Pin Lane is narrow and offers nothing for people to do … Continue reading

Game Plan!

Games games games I’ve now settled on an idea for the games module and I’ve partnered up with Andi Hosgood and possibly Justin Bartlett as well. Andi and I haven’t worked together before but we seem a good match with very different skills. I’ve not worked with Justin either but I like to mix things … Continue reading

Render Tests

Relearning Cinema 4D It’s been a long time since I’ve touched a 3D program, let alone tried to create realistic situations. In my second year I tried, with reasonable success, to put 3D animated text moving through a space. I achieved a relatively good amount of realism in the lighting and shadows of the text … Continue reading