Testing in Portland Square

I finally figured out how to turn the Intelix Mixer on and get sound output. With all my fancy Max MSP work my main stumbling block so far has been finding the on switch on the speaker system…. PATHETIC! Here are two tester videos. I was unexpectedly joined by two people who heard it from … Continue reading

My Max MSP patch

This is a spliced screenshot of the top level patch in a functioning state. i can neaten a few things up that are just in there for calibration and experimentation, but there is nothing to be added to this. (click to full view it) Boy am I glad that this works!

Portland Square it is.

Since my change of direction I’ve also decided on a location for my project. Portland Square offers 3 large atria with a good level of footfall and activity in each of them. It also conveniently has a rather amazing network of at least 36 speakers to play around with. There are 4 speakers per level … Continue reading

Render Tests

Relearning Cinema 4D It’s been a long time since I’ve touched a 3D program, let alone tried to create realistic situations. In my second year I tried, with reasonable success, to put 3D animated text moving through a space. I achieved a relatively good amount of realism in the lighting and shadows of the text … Continue reading

Picking a site in Stonehouse

For IDAT306 our first assignment was to go to Stonehouse and search out a site to potentially build a project around. I’ve sort of jumped the gun in my ideas and I’ve had a few of them before going to Stonehouse so I knew what I was looking for. I want to develop and build … Continue reading

IDAT306 First impressions

IDAT306 (Production of Space): I’m not sure what to expect from this module yet, as I’ve only had one lecture. I chose to take it because I think it will be able to tie quite nicely into what I hope my final project will be. Shaun is from an architectural background and I want to … Continue reading