Past and future potential

I’m still dilly-dallying with ideas for Production of Space after I’ve been encouraged away from my first idea and I’ve been slow to recover from it as I was quite set on it. I’ve been thinking about that in any one moment captured, either as film or a photograph, the viewer is only seeing a … Continue reading

Render Tests

Relearning Cinema 4D It’s been a long time since I’ve touched a 3D program, let alone tried to create realistic situations. In my second year I tried, with reasonable success, to put 3D animated text moving through a space. I achieved a relatively good amount of realism in the lighting and shadows of the text … Continue reading

Initial Thoughts

Essentially I understand I am meant to create a 3D object and to use it in a way that either has a play or change of context or a change or development in design and the technical side of its creation. My first thoughts were to rummage my room for a few objects that I … Continue reading