We’ve had the name for a while but didn’t want to post it before getting our logo done. I’ve laboured for the past few days creating a custom type set for it and this is the final logo for our company “Immersu”. We produce immersive audio mobile games. For the sake of a tagline we … Continue reading

Game Plan!

Games games games I’ve now settled on an idea for the games module and I’ve partnered up with Andi Hosgood and possibly Justin Bartlett as well. Andi and I haven’t worked together before but we seem a good match with very different skills. I’ve not worked with Justin either but I like to mix things … Continue reading

Flash multi touch SDK!!!

I’m jumping the gun a bit here as I’ve not blogged about my multi-touch ideas for IDAT305 and my Final Project. I’ve been getting more and more worried about being able to develop for multi-touch as I haven’t found any SDK’s that are designed for an in-built multi-touch such as my laptop – a HP … Continue reading

Calvin Harris – Humanthesizer

A recent highly publicised example of Max/MSP, Ableton Live and Arduinos being combined was Calvin Harris’ Humanthesizer, shown below. The “Humanthesizer” works with a conductive ink designed by some Royal College of Art students called “Bare”. People from Sony Music Entertainment created the system which involves Arduino‘s which convert analogue signal (from the ink-human circuitry) … Continue reading

IDAT310 First impressions

IDAT310 (Design for Entertainment Systems): Design for Entertainment Systems, better known as “The Gaming Module” is a module that, for various reasons which I will pick at, I didn’t initially chose to take. It is known to be an all-consuming module that can rival the level of workload that goes into the Final Project despite … Continue reading

Final Year i-DAT

So I’ve just had my first week of my final year at University. Impressions… Course So far I like all the modules I want to take and I’m very excited about potential projects. The modules I want to take have changed from the ones I selected last year but as far as I’m aware, I … Continue reading