Eden Den Days

Jason’s doing a splendiferous job on the Facebook App. Heres the background illustration for it which the dens will be in the foreground of. Also going to be making it a bit neater and have more foliage and stuff for the background of the site.

Cinema 4D Progress

Right. i’ve got animations of the text going well, and I’ve also spent a while getting the textures and environments right. The animations are working well but it’s rubbish quality. What i am pleased with at the moment is my textures. Thats the original photo. Heres the photo after I’ve done stuff in C4D. this … Continue reading

My Website

I have finally pulled my finger out of my derriere these last few weeks and got myself some hosting, some space and made myself a (nice??) little flash site. I chose flash because I’m faster with it than I am with HTML, and though it’s simple graphically it also gives me a platform to make … Continue reading


Been a while. I’m very sporadic with blogging. I like it but I’m either too busy working and playing with ideas to write them down or chilling out after coming up with ideas. I need a stenograph…. 1st on the agenda: http://www.orrinward.co.uk is live. Yup, up and running and fully functional, but not complete yet … Continue reading


I’ve still not managed to completely narrow down what I want to do for my essay. I’m really interested in how you can influence the way different people feel and react through art. You can slightly alter opinions and bring feelings to people. You can also make people adore your art and if you wished … Continue reading


Thats a preview of the final climax, with no sound sadly.


I now have figured out how to do my fissure. The fissure will look like it starts when the shuttlecock hits the ground. To achieve this I figured i’d need to have my basic landscape (the floor) and subtract a boolean from it. I made a wedge that looked like a fissure by importing a … Continue reading

Been a while my friend!

Not been doing much on the project lately. I got my model done but didn’t show it and now have my stage set up for the video work. My shuttlecock. As it’s an advert to sell them i thought I’d best not give it wear and tear, as who wants to buy “New technology high … Continue reading

The Story

My shuttlecock isn’t just any shuttlecock. Its going to be a high-tec one. I was thinking I could have a badminton match being played in the background throughout. Well, more like different clips of different shot types and stuff maybe. I’d then introduce the shuttlecock between clips, explaining the materials used and a little bit … Continue reading

Shuttlecock Breakdown

My chosen shuttlecock breaks down into 2 main parts: Head: A single rounded top to the shuttlecock. Basically a cylinder with half a sphere on top. It is made of cork or nylon (I have both). The cork one has a leather coating and the nylon one a slightly bobbly, but almost leather feel. Both … Continue reading