Finding the resolution balance

With most types of video I have worked with, the best possible input is that at the highest resolution. With motion tracking though I’ve found, through practice, that highest res does not give the best results.

Taking a live feed from Atrium A in Portland Square at 3 different resolutions, but the same motion settings, I found these results.




At 160X120 resolution there were no undesired blobs. It tracked most of the people well, but it did completely miss others out. Each person was tracked as a single blob, but some pairs were tracked as a single, rather than two separate blobs. This ran fastest on my machine with sound distribution.

At 320X240 each person was tracked individually, and everyone in the video was tracked. There were a few stray blobs, but they were consistent. I can simply select those blobs and not use them as controllers of the sound. My machine struggled slightly while other apps were running, but this shouldn’t be a major problem.

At 640X480 everyone was tracked individually, but there were often 2 blobs designated per person. The sizes of these blobs is unpredictable and hard to eliminate. There was also some slowdown on my machine when runnign this with the sound distribution patch.


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