Multiple Sounds!

I’ve been working for a while on getting the sound-distribution part of my patch to play multiple sounds in the space, with independent control over the location of each.

It’s not something I’ve been struggling with technically – Converting my 1-sound patch to multi is easy enough to do, but I’ve been reworking the way each sound is calculated so that the subpatch is modular, and duplicatable with minimal editing of info.

Whilst playing around I also found the pictslider object, which is what I was after all along but couldn’t find! I used to use 1 horizontal slider and one vertical slider to control x/y but a pictslider does both at the same time in a more fluid way.


if listening to a Wacom this technique worked, but if I wanted to control from in the browser it wouldn’t, as one slider is directly on top of the other with a transparent background. I can only control horizontal movement with this…


With this I have a background image of where the speakers are located, and I can move the dot around, with separate x and y outputs.

This simple change has allowed me to start experimenting with using multiple sounds as it is now very quick and easy for me to move sounds in the space. It was easy before with a WACOM but that limited me to just one sound. I can now move multiples at ease with my mouse.


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