After numerous setbacks with rendering, here is my final video.

Generally I’m quite pleased with it. The end structure is more interesting than the current layout of Pin Lane. It seems as though a fork has formed in the centre, with the Barbican end opening up more and the top half of the lane bending more, just after the fork.

  • The block that shifted into the middle of the lane would be good for reducing the awkward ‘eye-contact-from-each-end’.
  • The opening at the Barbican end would make it more noticeable and approachable, and perhaps more inviting.
  • To the left hand side where the back of Lavish is has opened up a lot more. Perhaps Lavish could have some sort of alfresco dining in the freed up space?
  • If Lavish were to open up at that entrance, they could possibly take ownership of the car park opposite.

Considering the process of renegotiating the space is autonomous based on peoples walking patterns, the outcome has been very successful at increasing the appeal of the lane.

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