The Rules!

To get a partially automated renegotiation of Pin Lane I have to set up manual algorithms for myself to follow when I manually animate the 3D. If I were to just move things about roughly by eye, it takes control of the space away from the people who have been through Pin Lane.

After collecting video of people moving through Pin Lane I cut out quiet zones so I would have continuous footage of people moving through the space. To effectively show the renegotiation, I sped the video up 8X so you can see the structure change quite quickly.

The final rules for movement of objects were:

  1. If a person walks past the object whilst on a path, the object moves 30 units in cinema 4D in that time.
  2. An object gradually returns to it’s last position (not original form) if another person does not walk past it within 15 seconds of video.
  3. If an object moves and collides with another object, the remaining units get divided equall,y and both move in that direction.
  4. If an object is moving into a collision with more than one object, the object slides into another outward, free space.
  5. An object turns green when it is activated, and reverts back to red when the person has walked 2 objects away or left the stage.

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