Preparing the performance

For the performance coming up I want to be able to demonstrate a possible musical application of my “Wacom Flow” system, and I’ll be making a track or two that I feel will really work with it. I want to create something that the system helps create a natural progression from the original sound.

In the tech demo I play Beethoven’s 5th, but it really didn’t work that well – Partly because the system wasn’t calibrated properly but also largely due to the fact I didn’t know the material that well, and the context and music weren’t really sewn together. I want to create something that I fully understand and react to in the intended way.

I am most certainly not a natural musician and can’t really keep rhythm. A simple track would be best suited for me as I have less chance of messing up with it. I’ve decided that I want to use André Michelle’s Flash Tone Matrix as my instrument. I’ve played with it before and with no knowledge or experience I can quite easily create appealing music.


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