Change of direction

Since my last post (50 words) I have been running with ideas in my head and have changed what I want to do. It’s not a complete rehaul but a few adjustments.

My old idea was to build a system that allows one user to control sounds within a space with the intent of influencing the people within the environment. I think this idea, if developed further, can definitely have commercial uses and I’ve had various people express interest in this kind of a system.

With the delivery of a final project though, I would rather take my sound distribution model to a more experimental and generative direction. The end achievement of my previous idea was having people move around in an environment in a different way, with sound as the guiding hand, or ‘Pied Piper’.

I’ve been looking at the Arch-OS system in Portland Square, which is where my initial idea was probably going to be performed, and I would like to do something with the motion tracking system and the speakers.

My previous idea was a very linear control method, something like:

If I can somehow use the motion tracking system I can create a setup with a recurring feedback loop by putting the people in the seat of control and being influenced at the same time.


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