More Pin Lane Impressions

I’ve spent quite a lot of time people-watching in Pin Lane now.

People really try to spend as little time as possible there. I think that’s down to a number of reasons:

  • People don’t spend time in places where they don’t have an agenda. Pin Lane is narrow and offers nothing for people to do other than pass through it, or get to their car and leave. At night guys pop down the side alleys to relieve themselves and that’ s about it. Everyone else in Pin Lane is simply there on the way to something (going down to the Barbican) or coming from somewhere back to their homes.
  • The Lane is claustrophobic. Pin Lane is a long, narrow and straight road where you can clearly see from one end to another. This leads to the awkward walks past people as you see them for up to a minute trying to avoid eye contact.
  • It’s on a slope. If you’re going down the hill, the slope makes you walk quickly. Walking up the hill is a mild strain and people just want to get it out of the way.

The footpath is uneven on both sides and varies in widths. On a proper, busy road, people don’t  keep crossing all over the place but because of the cobbled stone and the fact that the road is quiet, most people seem, to not know which side of the road to walk on and I’ve often seen people zigzag their way up or down the lane. These walking patterns are quite interesting, and tie in well with my Past and Future Potentials experiment.

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