Past and future potential

I’m still dilly-dallying with ideas for Production of Space after I’ve been encouraged away from my first idea and I’ve been slow to recover from it as I was quite set on it.

I’ve been thinking about that in any one moment captured, either as film or a photograph, the viewer is only seeing a static of the contents in that moment in time, the “present” at whichever time it was taken. Following on from my flow idea where I wanted to look at Pin Lane as a river structure – There is nothing to do in Pin Lane really, it is just transit between places so people, cars and objects simply flow through it, leaving unwanted deposits. I wanted to look at the flow of time, captured in single frames.

I’ve always loved the way in which the Futurists showed movement through flowing imagery in paintings and thought colour can be used to perhaps show past and future potential imposed upon the captured present.

The Past and Future Potential of a Person

This example singles out the past and future potential of people. The same idea can be applied to anything on the street, as a shadow passes it has a past and a future, so do the plants growing. Replacing the photos with an entire set of pasts and futures of motion/transition will leave the viewer only seeing the dynamic nature of the lane. You could then extrapolate information from this, such as balance of red to green, to determine if the environment is a place with more past than a future or more potential than it leads you to believe.

From here I want to start looking at foreign bodies that penetrate the space and start mapping their pasts and futures. Items such as litter have a lot slower a transition and therefore can be depicted as static. Implementing these static elements with the motion of people, cars, growth and decay could lead to an interesting look at the location.

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