Render Tests

Relearning Cinema 4D

It’s been a long time since I’ve touched a 3D program, let alone tried to create realistic situations. In my second year I tried, with reasonable success, to put 3D animated text moving through a space.

I achieved a relatively good amount of realism in the lighting and shadows of the text and objects in the environment by taking a photo of the scene and then roughly rebuilding the interior/exterior of the building visible in the photo with shadowcatcher textures I’d made. Essentially this allows for a quite quick model of a building to be made and rendered realistically without spending hours on textures. The realism is actually improved from what you could get by laboriously creating textures, as the appearance of the render is actually from the photograph, just with shadows and reflections added, rather than a completely constructed environment.

I’ve been trying to recap from memory and improve my techniques with a potential site for this project. It’s just a quick photo I took (definitely not the right location or quality of photo) but I wanted to see if I could get to grips with the technique again.

The photo is of a housing block in Stonehouse with some scaffolding works. I’ve added the balconies, some windows and facades as you can see in pictures below. For a neater comparison I’ve created a flash file that allows you to snap between one image and the next easily, but hosted blogs don’t allow your own .swf files. please view the Flash file.

Render Demonstration

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