Flash multi touch SDK!!!

I’m jumping the gun a bit here as I’ve not blogged about my multi-touch ideas for IDAT305 and my Final Project. I’ve been getting more and more worried about being able to develop for multi-touch as I haven’t found any SDK’s that are designed for an in-built multi-touch such as my laptop – a HP Touchsmart TX2Z.

After a look around today I managed to find Gestureworks and I’ve just installed it. It looks like it should be quite easy to get to grips with with a basic set of gestures such as scale/rotate using just my fingers. I’ve not had a play around just yet but I want to try and be able to change the scale of a circle, for reasons that I will digress in later blog posts.

It’s not much as I still have the obstacle of Actionscript 3.0 to learn and all the rest, but this looks to be a nice boost for me and it means I can get playing around rather than just constantly having to limit my expectations of what is achievable.


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