IDAT310 First impressions

IDAT310 (Design for Entertainment Systems):

Design for Entertainment Systems, better known as “The Gaming Module” is a module that, for various reasons which I will pick at, I didn’t initially chose to take. It is known to be an all-consuming module that can rival the level of workload that goes into the Final Project despite the fact it is still only a 20 credit module.

I haven’t for a minute not wanted to do it as everyone that takes it says they love it and it seems to be the module that gets companies forming and ready to face the big world straight out of Uni. Whether I want this to happen for me I’m not sure yet, but I don’t want to miss the opportunity of allowing it to happen.

I wanted to do the module for those reasons but the workload scared me, and gaming didn’t seem to tie in with the grand scheme of things for me at the time. If I’d not done a placement year I would not be able to be confident enough to take this on. A few years ago I had a lot of ideas but I didn’t have much drive to realise them. I have been ridiculously lazy my entire life and until now I’ve really managed to get pretty far in everything I take on without actually trying. I’ve cruised through most things – Not necessarily with flying colours. I’m by no means a top-of-the-class talent, but I’ve just been lucky for the majority of my life.

A year in London has changed and matured me, or at least I hope it has. My placement at Absolute Radio has honed a few skills but the biggest thing I take away from the job was improved organisation and a work ethic. Some briefs I got at Absolute were ones I just did the minimum required work but others I started to feel really quite passionate about and I would do beyond the expectation of the client simply because I had not been satisfied with simply meeting criteria – Something I have always done. I hope to translate and isolate this determination into a stronger work ethic for this year and as such I feel I’d be doing myself an injustice not taking IDAT310 and taking a step back.

My initial ideas for the project for this module aren’t really to do with gaming. After a couple of talks about the module it’s been revealed that an “Entertainment System” isn’t necessarily a game – A HiFi or DVD Player is an Entertainment System of sorts. An Entertainment System is a product that provides entertainment and is marketable. Games fit this well. I could go down a slightly alternative route but I think for group work others may not be so keen. Hopefully I can make something that leans towards what will become my Final Project that I can adapt or build on for it.


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