IDAT305 First impressions

IDAT305 (Sound Practice):

This module scares me quite a lot. Over the last year and a bit I’ve been passively building up this seemingly quite complex idea for a project that requires working with sound quite a lot.

The trouble is that I am not from any musical background. I have no musical ability and I’m not very good at programming.

Thankfully the course is about sound and not music then. Max/MSP seems to be significantly more friendly for a non-programmer than I could have thought possible. I’ve not used it yet but everyone I’ve bounced my ideas off has quite bluntly said “That’ll be Max you’ll be using then” and from Dan’s brief play with it in Babbage 213 the other day, it looks like it’s not going to throw a spanner into the works if I put the effort in.

As I’ve said already I am certainly not a typical Sound Module person, but I do have some strong (well I think so!) ideas and I’ve also had some great inspiration over the past couples of years, through i-DAT in second year, working at Absolute Radio on placement and there have been some really amazing exhibitions and performances that have really wowed me whilst living in London.

With certain technologies coming through at the moment, such as multi-touch and significantly improved motion-tracking amongst others, I feel there are a lot of avenues that sound can be taken down in exciting ways – I just hope I have the ability to pull them off.

In brief – Sound scares me, but I sort of need to do it as I’m confident in my ideas, if not my abilities just yet


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